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In celebration of Women’s History Month and because we have been so busy that we are just now getting to a recap of 2015…2015 was an exciting year for I Am A Woman Who!  We did a TEDx Women’s event which was a huge success and really helped to get IAAWW on the map – see the short film about the campaign. We hosted numerous Open Call Sessions in Los Angeles and Boston and we are gearing up to go national and international with invitations to New York, New Orleans, Cincinatti and Toronto!

We are so grateful to everyone who has been a supporter, a participant, a networker and a fan and we are so excited about what is brewing for 2016.  IAAWW has been a word of mouth, grassroots movement and there have been so many brave women who have generously shared of themselves in this process.

We are eager to continue to spread the word about the campaign and we are always looking for people and organizations to partner with in this work – here are some ways you can help!

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  • if you are interested in bringing us to your city or town please write and let us know

I will leave you with an email/testimonial we just received yesterday from one of our participants whose photograph is above – Sarah is an extraordinary human being and her journey of healing a powerful one.  Thank you Sarah!

‘Working with Jill as part of her “I am a woman who” project was absolutely incredibly and profoundly inspiring. The premise of the project is a celebration of our unique self-expression and examining how we identify ourselves as women, as individuals, and as human BEINGS. Jill is amazing to work with… she naturally and easily draws her subjects out and encourages them to express the best and most expansive version of themselves in her studio. The other thing that moved me about Jill’s work was the fact that it is always evolving… a constant work-in-progress, as reflects the nature of life. However, having the inspiration, time and talent to beautifully capture a particular moment in this life-journey is incredibly impactful. My session with Jill caused me to examine more closely my values, my viewpoint, and my desire to express myself to the world. I am so proud of the images that resulted from the session and I found the entire process to be deeply healing. Thank you, Jill, for your dedication to passion, purpose and PEOPLE!!’

-Sarah L


Jessica 1

I AM A WOMAN WHO loves to laugh and hates to cry and doesn’t do it often. Who doesn’t understand hate and who EMBRACES life with all it’s complexities.  I Am A Woman Who always has a manicure, who plays competitive tennis but isn’t competitive. I am a woman who wants to care more about politics and world affairsbut is devastated by the reality of it al. I Am A Woman Who loves her two daughters FIERCELY, who is LOYAL and cannot imagine a world without her husband Pash. Who eagerly awaits the next ADVENTURE, who loves a glass of wine or TWO and the occasional cigarette.  I am a woman who loves life and birthdays…especially my own!


Diane 17

I AM A WOMAN WHO is full of JOY. Who loves to dance.  Who is grateful for having parents who are alive, LOVE me, give me confidence and have never harmed me. Who is PURELY, MADLY, DEEPLY in LOVE with a woman who is my partner, lover and best friend.  Who is happy to be alive during a time when WOMEN can vote, drive, become PRESIDENT, live freely, and own property.  I AM A WOMAN WHO never forgets each day how lucky I AM to have SO MUCH and to have SO MUCH TO GIVE.


Verna 14

I Am A Woman Who is independently minded with a FIERCE need for collaboration.  Who midwives, grows and embraces IDEAS that can change the world or spark a small smile.  Who is passionate about shaping our joint destiny but doesn’t dwell on legacy or regrets. Who’s embracing CHANGE in my face, body, family and community with GRACE. I am a woman who contributes positively in some small AUTHENTIC way.